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“Only after finding your roots, will your wings be strong enough to fly. - Susanna Wessels

   TREⓇ (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)

TREⓇ (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)
A simple set of movements that turn on our body’s natural rebalance process – providing immediate relaxation. By releasing everything, from everyday stress to deeply held physical tension and trauma, TREⓇ frees us up to meet life’s challenges with greater skill and ease. Our bodies do the work: we get relief without needing to process or retell our story

  • Better sleeping patterns and quality of sleep
  • Less anxiety and tension in everyday life
  • Less reactivity and greater calm under stress
  • Substantial improvement of stress-related muscle tension. More general flexibility of joints and stronger muscle tone
  • Improved work and family relations.
  • Better self-care
  • A greater sense of empowerment
  • Ability to stay away from unhealthy habits