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“Only after finding your roots, will your wings be strong enough to fly. - Susanna Wessels

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When a loved one dies

When a loved one dies, time stops!  Immediately and abruptly without regard.

The death of a loved one is always the beginning of a new time in your life, your new life without this person.  And although nothing will ever be the same again our hearts and souls yearn for some form of meaning and understanding.

Bereavement support and counselling is a process of finding meaning and understanding feelings and behaviour in a sometimes incomprehensible situation.  It is the support of someone allowing you to go through a strange and unfamiliar time of imbalance, of feeling off-kilter, of being a stranger in your own skin.

After the death of a loved one, you might have to learn how to walk all over again, to sit alone and to be alone for a while.

Bereavement support will provide a safe and patient ear until you find your way again.