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“Only after finding your roots, will your wings be strong enough to fly. - Susanna Wessels

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“I want to sing like the birds' sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think .” ~Jelaludin Rumi

Remembering your Original Dream and find your way back to yourself. 
There you will find the gift you are to deliver to the world, your essential contribution to the unfolding of this life. 

I am a psychometrist with a career in psychometric assessment, counselling, mediation as well as personal and organizational development.  I have a keen interest in salutogenic's, evolutionary psychology, "stervensbegeleiding" and the work of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, analytical psychology according to Jung and the merging of spirituality and quantum physics.

I was born in Johannesburg, the now Josie in Gauteng, South Africa.  I started my schooling in Mpumalanga, Middelburg and later moved to Potchefstroom in the North West Province.  I completed my tertiary qualifications at the North West University Campus, where I was introduced to the work of Carl Jung and Aaron Antonovsky.  During my studies, I met Dr. Alfred A Tomatis who's work led to the discovery of audio-psycho-phonology as well as Dr. Reuben Sher the " grandfather of AIDS in South Africa".  As a young student in my early twenties, I was filled with wonder about the worlds existing beyond my understanding.

During my studies, I worked as research assistant for Professor MP Wissing head of the Psychology department. My studies and our research focussed on Hemispheric Laterality and the link to emotions. In 1992 I co-authored an article with Prof Wissing, Unilateral lower facial contractions, and emotional experience: A confirmative study.

In 1996 I moved to Cape Town, SouthAfrica. I joined the South African Police Service in 1998 and was part of the Psychological Services Team. During my time in the SAPS, I gained experience in suicide prevention, trauma counselling, burnout, HIV/Aids awareness, and counselling. I was also part of the team conducting personal and organizational development using experiential learning and psycho-education.

In 2002 ironically, I succumbed to burnout myself and left the SAPS.  I joined the team of Dr. Jan Hoffmeyer in 2002, working on the conversation model, a psychological model of consumer behaviour and commitment to brands.

Since 2011, I have been working on my own program/theory, inspired by my experience and exposure as well as reading and studying an extensive variety of subjects. My program/theory is designed to align the individual with his/her true potential through what I called remembering the original dream. My teachings include analogy and storytelling, experiential learning and psycho-education. My core belief is that everyone can reach their true potential when they remember what it feels like to be themselves.    

I work comfortably with groups and individuals, and my love for people is reflected in my teachings.