Back 2 Basics

“Only after finding your roots, will your wings be strong enough to fly. - Susanna Wessels


My Philosophy

I have been fortunate to be exposed to science and philosophy during my life. And I have been blessed with an unwavering belief that there is always hope, that there is always a way.  These things combined brought me to the discovery of my Original Dream. Science and philosophy show the interplay between what is inside the human heart, mind, and soul and the daunting reality of the outside world and the paradigms people are born into.  For me, the answer has always been inside.  I realized that anything that was true for me would also be true for others.  

If I could keep myself standing, I could show others that it is possible.

I believe that my Original Dream is alive within me and serving its essential purpose of awakening me to awareness, to ideas, to creativity, and to discoveries. And to make sure I play my essential part in this magnificent journey.

I believe that nature and the unfolding of the natural world will provide all the examples needed to understand what is happening inside my heart, my mind, and the beautiful soul I share with everyone.